Application Closes in 2022:

Round 1: February 15th

Round 2: May 15th

Third round: July 15

KLU (Kuhn University of Logistics) is currently accepting formal qualifications to apply for the KLU University Master’s Award for German students in the academic year 2022-2023.

KLU offers a limited number of scholarships to outstanding applicants in undergraduate and graduate programs. Successful applicants will receive 50-100% of the full scholarship.

Integration criteria:

KLU Merit Scholarship Requirements:

Complete applications for a KLU study program (BSc / MSc; incomplete applications or applications from international (non-EU) applicants who still owe the tuition fee will not be considered), please see our FAQ for more information.
Minimum academic achievement of 2.0 GPA overall (GPA: German equivalent; if you do not know how to convert your international score and you are already admitted for a study place at KLU, you can ask us if you meet the GPA criterion).
Completed scholarship application form, identifying the scholarship you wish to apply for and additional information, if applicable.
All applicants must include an essay (max. 2000 characters, not including spaces) or video (max. 3 minutes) in response to the question question.
Note: KLU does not tolerate plagiarism. We expect essays to be written in your own words and referenced accordingly if needed. To ensure authorship, we use plagiarism detection software to verify all admission and scholarship documents.

How do I apply for the KLU 2022-23 MASTER OF MERIT AWARD in Germany?
Download the scholarship application form here.

The following scholarships are available for KLU and its specific research requirements.

Scholarships for academic success

Future leader scholarship

Social involvement subsidy

International Lawyer / IB Scholarship

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